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Inner Wheel in World

Inner Wheel in World

On 10 January 1924, the first Inner Wheel Club was founded by the Wives of England's Manchester Rotary Club.

Inner Wheel The world's largest international non-governmental organization, operating in 5 continents, with about 3900 clubs in 110 countries and more than 120,000 members.

The aim of this club, whose aim is to strengthen friendships and to serve the society in a more organized, disciplined way, and to develop an international understanding, has spread first to England, Ireland, Scandinavia and then to other countries where Rotary has been active. The Inner Wheel Club, founded by the Rotarian spouses, became one of the world's largest women's organizations in 1967, creating international identities. Netherlands 1947, Ghana 1959, Cyprus 1963, Greece and Nigeria 1967, Srilanka 1972 (only a few examples) Although they have established Clubsini, Turkey in 1990 for the first time Edirne I.W. Club was established. Other Clubs;

Istanbul; Beyazit IW, Beyoglu IW, Dalyan IW, Dolmabahce IW, Istanbul Europe IW, Suadiye IW

Edirne; Edirne IW

Eskisehir; Eskisehir IW

Bursa; Lightning Bayezid IW,

Let's give two more examples after this pathetic table. Formerly the Iron Curtain Countries, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine quickly joined the international organization by forming their Clubs.

Inner Wheel Club, before the United Nations; Vienna 2; With 7 representatives including Geneva 2, New York 3, the status of women is represented in children's rights, old age, family and drug committees.

International I.W. The congresses are held every 3 years in the countries where it is located. We are very happy and proud that as Turkish Inner Wheels, we have the opportunity to present the best, most beautiful way of presenting the modern Turkish Woman who has the ability to represent our Grand ATA by participating in the International Inner Wheel Convention held in Berlin, Stockholm and Florence.

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