Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


B.I.W.K 2nd General Assembly Meeting was held with intense participation. The new board meeting of the club was approved at the General Assembly. While the members were presented with a 6-month activity and cost report at the meeting, the activities performed by the club in this short period collected the appreciation of the members.

January 2019

General Meeting

February 2019

General Meeting

March 2019

The guest speaker of our meeting, 'Pedagogue Ayşen Oy', gave information about the 0-15 age sexual and technological abuse. Information about our new projects was given at the meeting.

April 2019

General Meeting

May 2019

Guest speaker of our meeting 'Dilek Orhan', communication expert, gave us information about communication.

June 2019

Guest speaker of our meeting General Manager of Foundations Administration ıf Prof. Dr. İbrhim Berter talked about 'Foundation and Maraş'. He participated in the participation in our people as well as our members. Answering the curious questions, Mr. Berter gave valuable information about Foundation Goods and Maras.


The guest speaker of our meeting 'Ebru Kaptan Sertoğlu' gave information about entrepreneurship and SMEs on our island.

November 2019

The guest speaker of our meeting, communication expert 'Özdemir Tokel' gave information on many topics such as effective communication in the age of infidelity, the power of words in communication, first impression and body language.

December 2019

Our club, founded as a Contemporary, Secular and Aydın Turkish Women adhering to the principles of Atatürk, with a progressive thought, in the ties of love and friendship, to serve the society.

December 2019

As B.I.W.K, we held our first meeting in Nicosia Ezic. At the meeting, our President Sibel Tatar shared our activities to be held in the new period with our valuable members. Leyla .... and Nevin ..... attended the meeting as guest speakers.

September 2018

The guest speaker of our meeting was “Mr. İzge Aristik ”made a presentation about Civil Society Organizations and Social Importance. Information about our new projects was given at the meeting.


Sec. Meral Akıncı attended the meeting as guest of honor and speaker. In the speech at the meeting, he shared his experiences about the work he made regarding the rights of children and women and the steps taken.


As a guest speaker to our meeting, Agricultural Engineer Bahar Gökhan and Heart Doctor Pr. Dr. Füsun Yıldız joined. The speaker 'Bahar Gökhan' gave information about domestic babutsa and explained the importance of health in terms of health by increasing the economic value of babutsa. Speaker ‘Pr. Dr. FüsunYıldız made a presentation about the rights of women who describe women's rights and those who do not pursue a career.

December 2018