Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


President's Message

Dear Bellapais (Beylerbeyi) Inner Wheel Club Members;
After a two-month break, we are together again and are excited with our new projects, we will continue to experience the pride and sweet peace of bringing our social service projects together in the coming periods.
I would like to briefly mention the many activities and social work projects that our club, which was officially established in July 2018, carried out in a short period of 1 year.
We have participated in many events both at home and abroad with the valuable members of our club, especially our Board of Directors. If we need to take a brief look at our activities abroad, we visited Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer on our trip to İzmir in October 2018 and also examined the works of the Cooperative during our visit to Seferihisar Hıdırlık Agricultural Development Cooperative (Women's Cooperative). We visited Ayvalık Mayor Rahmi Gencer and held meetings with the Women's Working Groups of the Municipality.
In November 2018, we attended the Charter Ceremony of Black Sea Inner Wheel Club in Odessa. Our country and our club, Inner Wheel World President Mr. We represented at the events that Christine Kirby also attended. We participated in the 9th Women For Europe held on the island of Siros on April 2019, we represented our club in various working groups.
I would like to give a short reminder about our social work projects completed in 2018 - 2019 period. We realized the Zehra project for “Women's Health” in Northern Cyprus in the period of July 2018 - June 2019, indicating that we do a lot of work in a short time. We have successfully completed the spear test and spiral attachment sponsorship. Again, in December 2018, we asked 196 students at Karpaz Primary School. and 196 children wrote their wishes and put them in envelopes. Our "Wish Tree" project was realized in Karpaz Primary School in the screams of joy of our 196 children.
Another Social Work Project is the activities we held for 12 months in the “Caglayan Nursery”. Some of them are dress ball, Christmas ball, City Mall Cinema and game event, Lunch at Steak Döner, food and pool activity at Lefkoşa Eziç on holidays, clothes on holidays etc. It is a lot of activities like gifts.
Another Social Work Project that we are proud and completed is that the Bellapais Circle has been completed and opened by our Club. The sculpture, lighting and landscape works and expenses of the circle have been covered by us.
July 2018 - June 2020 period will continue with the same speed and willingness to work. The biggest source of our success is our members and Board of Directors, which reached 135 in a year in total. We are with you and we will continue to sign successful Social Work Projects with you on behalf of our Club.
To mention our new term Social Work Projects; In this new period, our “Wish Tree” project will continue to be implemented in a school in a different city. We are planning to put our project "Leading Women of Northern Cyprus", which we started last period and will continue this period, into life on March 8, 2019, "Working Women".
Our “Intra City Wall Health Center” project, which we started last year's initiatives, is another of our projects to be completed in June 2020 at the end of this period.
Our “Strengthening and Realizing Women's Labor” project, which we have also researched last term, will continue and be completed this year.
I have just mentioned to you about our great social work projects that have been completed and are ongoing, but as you know, our club has provided more than ten big and big aids. (Scholarships were given to the students included in our Filiz Education project, wheelchairs were purchased, shoes were supplied to the batminton team, Bülent Ecevit Rehabilitation center with music, dinner, entertainment, etc.).
I would like to extend my thanks to my very valuable Board of Directors members, members of the committees, who have contributed to realizing all these projects and that I am sure I will not be able to withhold their contributions during this period. Thanks to you, our members, who also supported the realization of our projects with their participation. Dear friends, we will continue to contribute to our society and then to the world by saying “power comes from unity”. Thank you. In the appendix, I present our 2019 - 2020 period first 6 months event program to your information.
With my love and respect,
SİBEL TATAR (President of B.I.W.K.)

Within the framework of a completely independent and democratic structure, we serve people and society based on volunteering without any religious, political and ethnic connections.